Estate Planning

take the fear & uncertainty out of estate planning

At Simmons Smith Brown, PLLC, we take the fear and uncertainty out of estate planning.  We often receive questions from our clients such as:

  • Who will make my financial decisions if I’m not able to do so?
  • Who will make my medical decisions if I’m unable to do so?
  • If I’m in a terminal state, will I be kept on life support or allowed to die peacefully?
  • What will happen to my assets when I die?
  • Who will take care of my children if I die while they are minors?
  • Who will pay my bills and distribute my estate when I’m gone?
  • Should I have a trust, a will, both?
  • What is a power of attorney?
  • Will the nursing home or Medicaid take my home if I go into long term care?
  • Will it be expensive to probate my estate? Are there ways to reduce these future costs?
  • How should I structure my estate plan so that the assets I leave behind are a blessing?

Good news! We can work with you to answer these questions and many more.  Estate planning doesn’t have to be scary or even complicated in most cases. We have simple and tested solutions to give you certainty and peace of mind.

We’ve helped thousands of people plan their estates and get the right paperwork in place so they can go live life with one less thing to worry about. We have ways to keep the process simple, quick, and reasonably priced.

Once we’ve helped someone establish their basic estate planning documents, making changes is easy. This gives people the sense that they have a partner and advisor in their planning who is there for them as their lives change.

We enjoy replacing fear with calm and uncertainty with confidence.  You want to go through this process with someone who cares and who values the chance to help you implement a plan that will make the rest of your life better and the world a better place because you have lived.  We are here to walk with you down this important road.  That’s what we do.


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